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DAY 04

L.Stadt (tent stage)
Polish band that unfortunately isn't yet as popular as it deserves to be. Even though so far they've only released one album (according to the lead singer, the next one should appear in stores somewhere around fall) in my opinion they're already on an international level. It was easily the best Polish performance of the festival. Music L.Stadt play can be described as soft rock, although it has some electronic elements as well. Opposite to
bands such as Lao Che or Muchy, their lyrics may appeal also to foreign listeners, since they have only one song in Polish, the rest has lyrics in English. There was some well known hits from the first album, and an equal amount of new songs (including the song Fashion Freak, which is an official theme song of a fashion festival in Barcelona), all well welcomed by the audience gathered in the tent (probably mostly because of the heat). Let's hope these of the people present at their concert that didn't know them before will be willing to listen to them more carefully at home, because L.Stadt really deserve a lot of attention as one of the most promising young Polish bands nowadays.

Muchy (main stage)
Widely advertised as the best Polish concert at Open'er, they kind of disappointed me. I've been following their career for some time now and I must say I expected a lot more than just an acceptable performance. Maybe it's partly because of my excitement before The Hives, but somehow I couldn't wait for the concert to end. It was rather boring, with its carefully played most popular songs and faultless vocals. Also it seemed like the lead singer was trying hard to be nice to the audience and he
talked a lot, but I got the impression that they were sort of insulted that they weren't the biggest stars of the night and most the people didn't come only to see them. Again, probably just my subjective feeling. So after playing a couple of disturbingly similar songs in a row, they came back for a short encore (which for me was probably the most amusing part of the gig, because it included one of my favourite songs by them called Rekwizyty), gave away a few red roses to the girls in the crowd and they were finished, leaving us with a huge dose of insufficiency. Frankly, next time I'd much rather see L.Stadt on the main stage.

The Hives (main stage)
My fascination with this band started a few weeks before the festival, and it was constantly growing until that very moment. To realize what a fan actually feels before their show, I advise you to check out their song modestly called T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S., which only sounds as though they were blowing their own trumpet until you're personally there. The concert started with Declare Guerre Nucleaire and Main Offender, but Pelle Almqvist
couldn't possibly resist to say a few words before carrying on with the show. So (using his adorable strong Swedish accent) he told us a story about how they had to come here from Sweden on a horseback, because he wasn't allowed to get into the plane due to the fact that his voice is so awesome it could actually be used as a leathal weapon ("just some new restrictions"). There was a lot of such stories through the whole performance, but most of all it was filled with great rock'n'roll music presented with huge dose of energy and humour. The two songs most awaited by the crowd were Tick Tick Boom and Won't Be Long - the song that is an official anthem of this year's festival. But even during the less popular or totally new songs the audience seemed to have really a lot of fun, and that's mostly Pelle's credit - there was no crazier musician on the whole
Open'er! He was running here and there all the time, jumping or getting onto the barriers (and basically everything that could possibly be jumped onto) and if anyone hasn't fallen in love with him after this performance, it's probably because they're dull and have no sense of humour whatsoever. Sorry to say that, but that's the truth. And if you're not convinced about The Hives' greatness yet, let me just tell you what Jack White (the living
legend Jack White, the man who jammed with Jimmy Page and sang with Mick Jagger Jack White) said during The Dead Weather's gig... he said they were actually afraid of coming onto the stage after them because they sort of destroyed the competition. And he simply couldn't be more right.

The Dead Weather (main stage)
As I mentioned, The Dead Weather had a hard task ahead coming onto the stage after such powerful and fun and tiring performance as The Hives gave. Plus, even though I always welcome the opportunity to see guitar gods in action, I was already at the usual stage of "I don't want Jack White, I want The Hives baaack!". But once the lights went off, the crowd started applauding and I knew something was already going on, some kind of a magical feeling started flowing through my veins. It wasn't even a feeling of excitement, rather belief that I was about to witness something truly legendary, pleasant shivers of anticipation. And when I heard the first sounds of drums and realized who was sitting behind them, I suddenly started wondering if it was really happening. I didn't have time for
thinking though, as the overwhelming wall of wonderful guitar noise had already taken over me. It was amazing. Even though the rest of the band kind of remained in the shadow of Alison and Jack (who are undoubtedly the brightest stars in the group), they all seemed to complete each other perfectly. All of my favourite songs were played, including new ones like Die By The Drop and classic ones like Treat Me Like Your Mother. The most
impressive part of the show was probably Will There Be Enough Water?, an epic song that almost screams with its similarity to the best Led Zeppelin records. The two voices of Jack and Alison joined together create an incredible magical atmosphere that cannot be described, it has to be experienced. I believe it's enough to say that this show convinced me that this is the kind of music I adore the most and that concerts like this are exactly what I live for.

Archive (tent stage)
I can't say much about this performance, because it started in the middle of The Dead Weather's concert and unfortunately I didn't manage to see the whole thing. But as I adore Archive and have already missed them a few times they played in Poland, I couldn't resist not to run to the tent even just for a few minutes.I got there in the middle of the song Words on Signs from the maginifcent album Controlling Crowds. I remember a lot of people complained about how Archive should have been put on the main stage instead of the tent, but I think it was a conscious decision of the organizers, considering how well everything looked and sounded there. It wasn't very much  interrupted by noises from other stages, so you could just melt in their amazing sound (which I personally like to call the trip-hop version of Pink Floyd), drift off somewhere else, switch off thinking mode, forget about the world. For some people Archive's music may seem monotonous and boring, but I suppose you just need to feel it inside. It's peaceful and
calming, but at the same time very dark and disturbing. The kind of music you won't hear on every radiostation, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I just wonder whether they're as popular everywhere else as they are in Poland, because here they have a really huge fanbase and a lot of respect that they well deserve.

Fatboy Slim (main stage)
I stopped by for about 20 minutes just out of pure curiosity, because even though I'm not in favour of this type of music in general, I expected a lot of energy and fun and I thought it would make a nice closure to the whole festival. I didn't stay for long, because I simply didn't like it. I wanted nice electronica like the one from Hot Chip's performance, what I got was huge pile of ear-shattering techno, decorated by a lot of blinding lights and lasers. So it didn't appeal to me neither on the visual nor the musical side. That's a shame, because it's not at all how I imagined the end of my incredible four day adventure. I probably should've left after Archive or stay by some other stage, but it doesn't matter now. I sincerelly believe there were people who enjoyed this show and I bet Fatboy Slim is one of the best in his genre, but it's just not my cup of tea.

Anyway, in conclusion, it was a great festival. The whole weekly
announcement thing used to really get on my nerves because I barely knew half of the bands from the line-up at the very beginning. But if it wasn't for Open'er, I would've never got to know many amazingly amazing bands such as Ben Harper and Relentless7 or Skunk Anansie. I would've never witnessed the brilliance of Pearl Jam, The Dead Weather or Mando Diao. I would've never made my dreams of seeing Kasabian live come true. And for most of all, I would've never fallen in love with The Hives as much as I did. I don't regret not being there the last year anymore. I can easily say that however awesome 2009 edition was, this year will forever stay the best one in my memory.

piątek, 09 lipca 2010, fleur_delacour

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